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Museo dell’Antiquarium

Via di Porta Vecchi, 79 Sutri (VT)

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Il museo è aperto dal giovedì alla domenica dalle ore 10,00 alle 13,00 e dalle ore 15,00 alle ore 18,00.

The museum

The municipality Antiquarium

The Municipality Antiquarium is hosted both in the first floor and the basement of the ancient Community Palace of Sutri .This XV century building , used as a Civic Hospital in the past , also hosts the historical archive as well as the public library. This museum keeps several findings belonging to Sutri and its territory; sculptures , epigraphs, canvases , which are fundamental for the historical profile of the municipality, indeed Sutri was a very important center during the Roman period ,thus  in 465 BC was entitled as a bishopric, as a fundamental stop for all the routes leading to Rome throughout the middle-age.

Big emphasis is given to the tombstones traced back to the late-ancient and medieval Cathedral, as well as to the archeological findings from the roman and etruscan age.In the first Hall are kept some finds belonging to the Sutri Cathedral , both coming from the facade and the portal.These fragments are the work of the Cosmatis’s, as the lighting gives the opportunity to better observe the ornamentation,the semiprecious stones , the marble implied , the glass-paste and the gold leaf , all present in these fragments. At first floor halls are also exhibited some artifacts from both Roman and etruscan age , introduced by the so-called Papal tombstone of Colonia di Sutri .

The Lapidarium Hall exhibition has been improved with a led screen that cyclically shows promotional ads of Sutri and its archeological park. Before getting into the last hall there’s a narrow hallway that mimics the mithraic path. Here are 7 captions (as the 7 grades in mithraism)that lead to a Mithra tombstone , borrowed from the National Roman Museum .

The last hall is where other finds are kept , along with a Sarcophagus entitled to Tito Egnatio , and also a Sarcophagus decorated with amazonomachy scenes.


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