Museum System

The museum system MANEAT( art,nature,ethnography,archeology museums of the territory)has an acronym that leads back to the different missions of the system itself , it can also be interpreted as the third singular person of the latin verb maneo “that it remains so”. The slogan all the roads start from Rome it’s a good luck for a new development of cultural tourism. The logo as well, leads back to the Thiessen polygons , a particular form of charts implied to describe settlement patterns based on territorial divisions. Ideally These museums are the center of every community.

Within the MANEAT SYSTEM we can find several institutions such as: the civic-archeological museum of Campagnano di Roma (RM), the Agro Veientano museum of Formello(RM), the Narce’s historical-ethnographic museum of Mazzano Romano(RM), the antiquarium museum of sutri(VT) and the civic etruscan-roman museum of trevignano Romano(RM).

The museum and territory system counts among its features:
– promotion and enhancement of the museum heritage, as in general cultural heritage of the referenced areas

– contributing to the cultural and social growth of the individual community , throughout an in depth analysis of the knowledge of the cultural heritage of the single areas , of its own formation process and of the relations between others territories

– supporting other museum , along with the fundamental task of preserving , in order to become a documentation hub for the territory

– the cultural connection with the telematic museum system among the region , connecting with the state structures , as well as with the private collections present in the aria not belonging to the system , and also to connect with other museum structures ,whether national or scientific with the same aim and missions

– rationalize and optimize resources and investments

– organizational and financial collaborations for the system functioning ,both in public and private fields

– to create a stable and well-organized junction between the system and the school establishment ,as well as the teachers and the students

Among the system’s activities there is also the conception of thematic tour paths, conferences, guided tours, itinerant exhibitions, thematic paths, and the institution of a card valid among all the museum system.
Common themes are the routes; among Via Flaminia , Via Cassia and Via Francigena , the 3 great families that, throughout the time, reunited a large part of the territory ; as well the Orsin’s and Chigi’s families , among other houses. The happy connection between art , nature , ethnography and archeology throughout the different museums